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Mad Boys cover Mad Boys

Ernest Hebert

University Press of New England
Copyright © 1993 Ernest Hebert

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About the Book

This cyberpunk road novel anticipates reality-based television—with dire consequences. It's Huck Finn and On the Road rolled into one.


About the Author

Ernest Hebert is the first faculty member to be tenured as a fiction writer at Dartmouth College, and the author of "The Old American", "Never Back Down", and the seven-book novel series, "The Darby Chronicles", that includes award winners, "The Dogs of March" and "Spoonwood".


About the Electronic Publication

This electronic publication of Mad Boys was made possible with the permission of the author. The University Press of New England created EPUB and PDF files from a scanned copy of the book.


Rights Information

Published with permission of Ernest Hebert.

Dartmouth College Library assigns a Creative Commons BY-NC license to the digital work and associated web site.

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Bibliographic Information

Published by University Press of New England, Hanover, 1993. ISBN 9780874516432 , 216 pages
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1349/ddlp.696
PS3558.E277 M33 1993


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