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Members 2012-2013

Council on the Libraries 7/1/12 - 6/30/13 Membership List


Inge-Lise Ameer, Associate Dean of the College for Student Academic Support Services

Richard D'Aveni, Bakala Professor of Strategy, Tuck School of Business

Brett Gamboa, Assistant Professor of English

Robert Graves, Krehbiel Professor, Thayer School of Engineering, Chair

Matissa Hollister, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Douglas Irwin, Professor of Economics, Robert E. Maxwell '23 Professorship of Arts & Sciences

James LaBelle, Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Mark McPeek, Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences

Klaus Mladek, Assistant Professor of German Studies


Undergraduate Student Representatives


Graduate Student Representative



Ex Officio Members

Martin Wybourne, Interim Provost and Vice Provost for Research

Jeffrey Horrell, Dean of Libraries and Librarian of the College

Ellen Waite-Franzen, Vice President of Information Technology/CIO


Invited Guests

Elizabeth Kirk, Associate Librarian for Information Resources

Jennifer Taxman, Associate Librarian for User Services

David Seaman, Associate Librarian for Information Management