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Members Co



Kathryn Cottingham, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Council on Libraries Chair

David Becker, Associate Professor of Government

Richard D'Aveni, Professor of Strategic Management, Tuck School

Harold Frost, Associate Professor of Engineering, Thayer School

Robert Graves, Professor of Engineering, Thayer School

Bill Hickey, Constantine and Joyce Hampers Professor of Pathology, Senior Associate Dean, Dartmouth Medical School

Deborah King, Associate Professor of Sociology

Jeff Ruoff, Assistant Professor of Film and Television

Jeremy Rutter, Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics

Paula Sprague, Assistant Professor of Spanish (filling in for Jeff Ruoff during fall and spring terms)

Undergraduate Student Representatives

Cayelan Carey, Dartmouth '06

Jacques Hebert, Dartmouth '07

Graduate Student Representative

Vernita Irvin

Staff to the Council

Julie Blain, Assistant to the Administrative Group

Ex Officio Members

Malcolm Brown, Director of Academic Computing

Teoby Gomez, Office of the Dean of the College

Jeffrey L. Horrell, Dean of the Libraries & Librarian of the College

Barry Scherr, Provost

Invited Guests

John James, Associate Librarian of the College

Cyndy Pawlek, Associate Librarian of the College

Larry Levine, Director of Computing

*Appointment is by academic year: July 1 - June 30