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Literature Searching and Research Assistance


If you would like to inquire about a literature search or schedule a consultation for research assistance, please contact us using the Email or Make an Appointment links in the Connect with Us box.

Literature Search Services

Biomedical Librarians are available to provide both basic and advanced literature search services, including but not limited to:

  • Background literature searching (e.g. for grant applications or introductory sections of a manuscript)
  • Comprehensive literature searches
  • Updates to existing literature searches
  • Consultation and feedback on search strategy
  • Collaboration as a member of a team engaged in writing a comprehensive literature review manuscript (including writing the search strategy/methodology)

    Literature search services do not include:
  • Finding full text of articles or making interlibrary loan requests on behalf of patrons. View a tutorial on DartDoc
  • Conducting literature searches related to an assignment a student is expected to complete themselves. If you need help getting started, please schedule a research consultation appointment

    Additional considerations:
  • The timing for conducting a literature search will vary, depending on current workload and librarian availability. Please contact us with as much advance notice of your anticipated completion date as possible.
  • Please consult with the librarian you are working with to determine whether acknowledgement or authorship is the more appropriate recognition of the librarian’s contribution to the research.
  • If you are thinking about conducting a scoping review, systematic review, or other evidence synthesis project, please refer to our Systematic Review service

    Research Services offered to:

    Full research services are provided at no cost to all Dartmouth College and Geisel School of Medicine faculty, students, and staff; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Lebanon) staff; and patients and members of the public as available dependent on staffing levels and demand for services. Members of the general public should also consult with their local public library.

    Research services are offered to corporate membership clients at the rates below.


    Fees for Mediated Searches:

    Corporate membership clients will be charged for librarian mediated searches using PubMed at a rate of $150 for the first hour and $100/hour for each subsequent hour, with a minimum charge of $150 per search. Fees will be invoiced monthly. Note that fees for retrieving full text articles are not included and will be invoiced separately.