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ROBERT E. LANE was from 1955 to 1984 instructor of Russian, Latin, Greek, and Etymology at Phillips Academy. He has long been registered as a Dartmouth College Library guest borrower.

SOL LEVENSON has written previously for the Bulletin. His mural depicting Native American tribes and cultures is on display at Hanover's Norris Cotton Cancer Center; he is currently completing a second mural, on railroading, for the Center. Both murals are painted on removable boards and will accompany the Center when it moves to the new Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center campus.

EDWARD H. LYMAN wrote to us several months ago offering his article on the Senex globes. About himself he said: 'At the time Dartmouth bought the globes I had been practicing law for twenty years. A few years afterwards, I gave up my profession to become a full-time antique dealer and for another twenty years enjoyed my work until I recently retired. During all my time as an antique dealer, I never happened on a more historic purchase than your globes.' He lives in White Plains, New York.

KENNETH C. CRAMER is the College Archivist.

VIRGINIA L. CLOSE is a Humanities & Social Sciences Reference Bibliographer in Baker Library.


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