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Student Researchers

In general, CPHS review is needed for independent student projects but not for classroom projects. This memo clarifies institutional procedures related to CPHS review of student projects:

Classroom Activities and Independent Student Projects

Please contact the CPHS office with any questions about whether review is needed for a specific project.

All projects that require CPHS review must be submitted through our online research administration system, Rapport. If you are unable to access Rapport, please contact the CPHS office with your NetID.

Note: On the Basic Information page of the SmartForm in Rapport, select your primary faculty advisor as the Primary Investigator. Your name (student) should be listed on the Study Team Member Page as Student Investigator or Graduate/Student Research Assistant. Your faculty advisor can sign in to Rapport and assign you as PI Proxy and Primary Contact so that you will receive notifications and make any requested changes to the study materials.

Your faculty advisor must provide notice of approval of your project to the CPHS Office. Ask your advisor to complete and sign the paper Faculty Advisor Form which you can upload to the supporting documents page of your application in Rapport.

Faculty Advisor Form