Policy, Guidance, and Procedures

Introduction to the CPHS

Research Conflict of Interest

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Fees for review

NIH Single IRB of Record Requirement

Research Participant Payments Policy & Procedures

Dartmouth College Investigator Transfer Guidelines (from Dartmouth College to another Institution)
All items on this checklist should be reviewed and completed PRIOR to departing Dartmouth College.

Consideration for determining the IRB of Record for a Multi-Site Study.

If you are the PI of a project involving multiple sites, please contact the CPHS office to discuss a plan for IRB review prior to your submission for review. Please include the following information: the title, a brief description of the study, the number of sites and a brief description of the activities at each site.


CPHS General Information

Data Safety Monitoring and Reporting of Adverse Events to CPHS For Clinical Trials
This memo is an update to the requirements for reporting Adverse Events to the CPHS, and also clarifies the importance of rigorous data and safety monitoring in clinical trials involving human subjects.

Reporting Flowchart

Protocol Deviation and Eligibility Exception Memo

Classroom Activities and Independent Student Projects
This memo clarifies institutional procedures related to CPHS review of student projects.

Guidance for Case Reports Memo

Guidance regarding Certificates of Confidentiality


Research Enrolling Geisel School of Medicine Students

Projects specifically recruiting Geisel medical school students as potential subjects because of their student status must be reviewed by the Medical Education Institutional Review Committee (MEIRC). Please contact Sonia Nagy Chimienti, MD FIDSA, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, for more information.