2012 CCN workshop: Computational approaches to brain connectivity

Organizers: James Haxby, Hervé Abdi, Swaroop Guntupalli, Yu-Chien Wu

Co-sponsored by the CCN and the Neukom Institute for Computational Sciences

Speakers and talk titles

Hervé Abdi, University of Texas Dallas

Multi-Table Models for Connectivity Analysis (Parts One and Two)


Stephen Strother, University of Toronto

The Ugly, the Bad and the Good of Predictive Modeling for Functional Brain Networks


Pierre Bellec, University of Montreal

Multiscale and multilevel bootstrap analysis of stable clusters in fMRI


Steve Petersen, Washington University

Large scale functional networks: subnetworks and hubs


Koene van Dijk, Harvard University

Resting State Functional Connectivity: Promises and Pitfalls


Uri Hasson, Princeton University

Inter-subject functional connectivity: a new tool for exploring the mechanisms of dyadic social interactions


Christian Beaulieu, University of Alberta

The KISS principle applied to diffusion tensor tractography of the human brain


Yu-Chien Wu, Dartmouth

Diffusion MRI and fiber orientation function


Carl-Fredrik Westin, Harvard University

Novel opportunities in diffusion MRI


Saad Jbabdi, Oxford University

Recent developments in data acquisition, pre-processing and modelling of diffusion MRI data for human connectomics


Barry Horwitz, National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders

Overview of Computational Approaches to Brain Connectivity

Videos of Talks