Dartmouth College Library Teaching Statements and Goals

Education & Outreach regularly encourages reflection and solicits input on teaching. Teaching statements, teaching goals, and informal feedback from Library staff enable E&O to help library staff become better teachers through professional development programming. 


At annual review time, E&O will collect teaching-related goals from all instruction librarians. This provides E&O with valuable information on the needs and interests of instruction librarians, and it can help us plan professional development programming.  This also serves to emphasize the importance of teaching related goals. 

When E&O is planning the upcoming year's professional development themes and sessions, we will first come up with a list of options. E&O members will bring these options to their departments and get feedback from their colleagues. This feedback will influence E&O's decisions on professional development programming themes and sessions. 


Every three years, instruction librarians will complete a teaching statement using a new, revised template.  In these teaching statements, they will be asked to reflect on their teaching style/philosophy and on how their teaching has evolved over the prior three years. They will be asked to share new teaching experiences they have had over the past three years. These statements will provide reflection opportunities for instruction librarians, and will provide E&O with valuable information on teaching trends and areas of growth.   

Managers who hire new teaching librarians may want them to complete a teaching statement during their first annual review cycle, even if they are hired in an "off-year" for the new teaching statements timeline. Laura Barrett can work with managers individually when they are in this situation. 


In addition to the above, E&O will explore ways to support instruction librarians who are going up for promotion. We will work to encourage and support the inclusion of valuable teaching-related evidence in their portfolios. 


Former teaching statement template and reports

Dartmouth College Library Teaching Statement template (.doc)

FY11 Teaching Statements Report (.pdf) (restricted access)

FY10 Teaching Statements Report (.pdf) (restricted access)

FY09 Teaching Statements Report (.pdf) (restricted access)