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Introducing your gateway to campus life at Dartmouth: the Dartmouth Card.

The Dartmouth Card is more than just your official college ID, it is the most important piece of plastic you’ll have while at Dartmouth. It will cover the essentials, everything from using your dining plans to checking out books from Baker Library, from accessing residence halls and facilities to attending athletic events. Your Dartmouth Card is all you’ll ever need for everything while living and learning at Dartmouth. 

Please use this website to familiarize yourself with the attributes of the Dartmouth Card. 

The Dartmouth Card has different uses for different groups:  Undergraduate students, Graduate students, and Employees.  For more detailed information, please locate your classification within the menu items to the left.

Getting your first Dartmouth Card?  Make sure to bring a photo-ID with you.  We must validate your identity before we can issue a first-time ID.

Card Features

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CONVENIENT. Because it’s always with you, your Dartmouth Card is the simplest way to pay for everything you need. For more information about where your Dartmouth Card is accepted, see “Locations Accepted.”

FAST. Since Dartmouth Card transactions are processed electronically on Dartmouth’s local network, the Dartmouth Card is one of the fastest forms of payment around. For more information, see “Making Deposits.”

SAFE. If your Dartmouth Card is lost or stolen, simply notify the Dartmouth Card Office during regular business hours (call at (603)646-3724), or the Department of Safety and Security (call at (603)646-4000) to have it deactivated for the safe-keeping of your accounts.  For more information, see “Lost or Stolen.”




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