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Petty Cash

A Petty Cash Fund provides a College department with a means by which small or minor departmental business expenses can be paid for without the need for having a check drawn.

Petty Cash funds should be used only to pay small or minor departmental expenses. The fund should NEVER be used for:

  • Travel and/or Entertainment Advances
  • Personal loans or cashing of checks
  • Change funds
  • Payment to individuals for services of a taxable nature
  • The purchase of the same item or items on a daily or recurring basis. These expenses should be handled through Accounts Payable, a purchasing card or other means.
  • Any other use where it would be more practical or appropriate for the expenditure to be disbursed in another manner.

This form is used to request a new petty cash fund.

These forms are used to request petty cash replenishment.

If you have any questions or comments on the Cashier Office forms, please e-mail

Last Updated: 7/24/18