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Student Account Payments


What forms of payment are accepted?
The Student Financial Services Office accepts checks, money orders, wire transfers and electronic payments through the D-Pay system. Please understand that you must have an US checking or savings account to use the electronic payment service. Payments made with actual "cash" may be made at the College's Cashier's Office, located at 10 North Main Street, Room 101. Dartmouth College and the D-Pay system do not accept credit card payments for student account balances. If you would like to pay your balance by wire transfer, please contact Student Financial Services for the necessary bank information. Note: International wires may be subject to additional bank fees.

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Where do I mail my payment?

Payment by check may be mailed to:

Dartmouth College
Cashier's Office/STAC
6132 McNutt Hall, Room 103
Hanover NH 03755-3541

Express mail, such as Federal Express, UPS or DHL, or any correspondence, may be sent to:

Dartmouth College, Student Financial Services/STAC
6132 McNutt Hall, Room 103
Hanover, NH 03755

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How does the Sallie Mae TuitionPay Monthly Payment Plan work?
Dartmouth College offers a monthly payment plan in association with TuitionPay, a Sallie Mae company. This payment option allows families to spread the annual cost of tuition and other fees over a longer period (up to ten months!). TuitionPay offers an online tool to assist families in estimating their student's cost of attendance for the full academic year. Enrollment takes place in the beginning of each academic year, with your first payment typically due by June 1st, and your last payment due by March 1st. The open enrollment period continues until the end of August, however if you decide to enroll in the TuitionPay monthly payment plan after June 1st, it will be necessary for you to make up any missed payments at the time of your enrollment. You may contact TuitionPay at (800) 635-0120 or view their website at The website, and access to your TuitionPay account after enrollment, may also be accomplished via the D-Pay system.

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What happens if my check, or electronic D-Pay payment, is returned? Examples: insufficient funds or wrong account number?
For each returned check or rejected D-Pay payment presented, there will be a $25 fee assessed to the student's account. If a student is cleared for Check-in based on the presentation of this payment, the payment deadline will be considered not satisfied and the student will be required to replace the amount of the returned check, and any resulting penalties, before the student will be permitted to complete Check-in for the term.

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Last Updated: 12/4/12