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Night Security - Guards

With a staff of nine, Night Security checks over 115 buildings on campus nightly, seven days a week. We check every floor in every building at least three to four times a night between the hours of 7:30PM and 5:30AM. These checks are done at random times to prevent any one from patterning our movements, but generally occur on a two to three hour rotation.

The Night Security officer will check the perimeter of the building and the parking areas, as well as entering the building and checking for such things as fires, water leaks, apparent mechanical problems or failures, and such things as lights or coffee pots left on. Doors and windows found unsecured will be locked.

Whenever a discrepancy is found, the Night Security Officer will both make a notation for appropriate follow-up and notify our dispatch center. This usually is followed up by a blitz notification to you or your designate the following day. If a mechanical problem is discovered, the Night Security Officer contacts the College Troubleshooter to make necessary emergency repairs to hold the situation in check. If the problem is particularly serious, the Night Security officer will instruct our Dispatch Center to call you or your designate at home for further instructions.

Last Updated: 10/31/13