Department Structure

The Department of Safety and Security falls within the Division of Finance & Administration and it is organized in a ranked structure comprised of dedicated women and men who serve the institution around the clock, with functions and services centered around three major operational divisions: Communications, Patrol, and Investigations.

The Department is structured as follows:

-Director and College Proctor

-Associate Director

-Investigators at the rank of Sergeant

-Supervisors at the rank of Sergeant

-Patrol and Communication Officers at the rank of Officer

-Night Security Guards at the rank of Guard

-Special Officers*

-Safe Ride Drivers (Seasonal Student Employees)

-plus, an Administrative Assistant

*Special Officers are individuals who either have retired or have transferred to another department, but who on occasion work special details when we need extra personnel to cover special events or extracurricular activities; their duties are usually limited to crowd control, and they are required to call upon regular personnel to deal with incidents.