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Department/Program Timetable Editor Overview

Open the Timetable Editor.


Start on the MAIN screen – this is a view of all the Department's/Program's courses for a given term.

The Editor is term-based; use the term selector plus SEARCH button to switch between terms. The layout is similar to the Public Timetable, and course section information that is not visible in the MAIN view is visible once you begin to edit.

timetable main page

The Department/Program selector allows you to view your own Department/Program by default. To view courses in another Department/Program, select it from the drop-down menu.

Course information on the Timetable Editor is imported from IRIS after it is provided to the Dean of Faculty by each Department/Program.


dept/prog selector

The layout is similar to the Public Timetable – Once you click EDIT to open up a course information that is not visible in the MAIN layout will be visible at the section level.



The far left-hand column displays the current status of the section. This describes where it is in the editing process – created, updated (with date-stamp), or approved.


 Updated indicates that you have edited the record, which is also recorded by the date stamp.  
 Created indicates that the course has been loaded to the Editor, but has not yet been edited.  



On the far right-hand side of the MAIN view is the Actions column, which contains the control icons: Edit Section, Copy Section, and Delete Section.

edit button

Edit Section opens a course section for editing – this is where most of your work will take place.

copy section button

Copy Section opens a dialog box to add further sections to a course; for example extra lectures for ECON 001 or SPAN 002, or extra lab sections for CHEM 006. All types of sections may be added:  lectures, discussions, and laboratory sections.

delete section button

Delete Section removes the record of that course... If you delete something in error, you can always add it back using the Add Course function.


Header Buttons - Add Course

add course

Add Course allows you to add any course that has a valid Banner Catalog entry.


The button opens a dialog box where you select a subject and course number, and SUBMIT. That triggers a check in Banner, and when the window disappears, you see a message below the header bar that indicates either a successful addition of a course, or that the course is not in Banner.

Add Course Window


Header Buttons - Add Xlist

add xlist Add Xlist allows you to add new cross-lists that were not included in the original course information received from the Dean of the Faculty Office.

Select the subject/course number/section combinations necessary for a cross-list, add the total overall enrollment limit, if any, and the instructor, then click SUBMIT. If all the sections are in Banner, they will be added to the MAIN view for further editing.

NOTE: If you edit one section of a cross-listed course, the edits are also made to all other sections of the course. Therefore, you do not have to maintain the data multiple times.

add xlist window


Header Buttons - Calendar

calendar tab

The Calendar View allows you to see your courses arrayed in a weekly calendar view, with X-hours included.


Calendar View



The rest of the information on the MAIN view displays Level, Course (Subject-Number-Section), Schedule Type (Lecture, Lab, etc.), Title, Instructor, Meeting Time, Enrollment Limit, any crosslisted courses, whether or not the course is set for Instructor Permission (IP), and whether or not the course is eligible for the Non-Recording Option (NRO).

timetable sections



Below the header bar on the right-hand side, and just above the listing of courses, is the Filter window. This tool allows you to jump to specific courses quickly by typing in a portion of the information. The Filter works on all visible information, so you may filter by title, instructor name, and number. Use the Filter tool by simply typing in the first few letters of what you're looking for, and generally the result will appear immediately.



Dropdown Menus

Throughout the Editor there are dropdown menus with data, with search tools that work much like the Filter tool. Enter some starter text (Department/Program code, instructor name, or room name/code) and the list will narrow down your selections quickly.

dropdown faculty menu                   dropdown room menu

Last Updated: 7/25/18