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Major Declaration and Submitting a Major Plan Reference Guide: Students

Video Tutorials

How to submit a Major Declaration

How to submit a Modified Major

Phase 1 - Submitting a Major request and Plan in DegreeWorks

Log into DegreeWorks from your Undergraduate Student Main Menu on BannerStudent, and your personalized "Degree Audit Worksheet," showing your progress towards your degree, will appear. Click HERE for more information about your Degree Audit Worksheet. We suggest that you review your progress towards your degree as you begin your Major Planning and review the Major Department/Program website for information about Major requirements.

Click on the "Planner" tab, which is next to the "Worksheets" tab

Student Planner Tab

Program Planner

Click on the link "MAJOR/MINOR NAMING CONVENTIONS" to identify the proper naming convention of your intended MAJOR.

Naming Convention

Go to the column on the list labeled "Major" for the desired Department/Program, select the correct Major description and enter it in the "Description" field, using the exact naming convention provided on this list.

Naming Convention PDF

IMPORTANT: Proper entry of the naming convention as described on the list is required for the record to be routed to the appropriate Department/Program. For example," ECON-MAJOR" is correct, and not "ECON: Major" or "ECO-Major." Everything, including capitalization, spelling, spaces, etc. must be entered exactly as it appears on the list.


If you have violated the naming convention after submitting for approval, an error e-mail will be automatically sent to you from our office. Correct the name and resubmit the plan for approval.

  • We recommend you expand the MAJOR/MINOR NAMING CONVENTIONS list, and cut and paste the name from the list into the Planner to ensure it is accurate. If you enter a Plan with an incorrect name, DegreeWorks will allow you to Save it, however you will receive an email informing you that the Plan was not properly named and it will therefore not be able to be approved.
  • Note that students declaring a Modified Major should refer to detailed instructions specific to Modified Majors, found HERE.Students declaring a Minor should refer to instructions specific to declaring a Minor HERE.

Scroll down below the Plan template to a text box labeled "Enter Major/Minor Type*, Prerequisites and Culminating Experience here"

  • Enter Major prerequisites and culminating experience in the text box provided
  • If you have a concentration, please include that in the same text box as your prerequisites and culminating experience.
  • If your Minor does not require prerequisites or culminating experience, please populate the text area with "N/A".

IMPORTANT– This information is required; incomplete Major applications will not be approved and if denied, the approval process begins over again. Please use the format as described. See the Major Department/Program website for information on requirements, prerequisites, and culminating experience.


Enter the Major type or concentration, (if applicable), prerequisite and culminating experience information, (required using the format shown). Do not cut and paste out of the ORC.

Perequisites & Culminating Experience


Scroll back to the beginning of the Plan template and, start inserting major courses that you wish to apply towards your major in the appropriate term, click on the term from the "Select Term" pull down menu on the first term template.

Term Selection


Fill in the courses you have taken or plan to take in your Major for the appropriate term. Enter terms sequentially, left to right before moving to the next row. Note:

  • DegreeWorks DOES check to see if the courses that you enter are approved courses in Banner
  • DegreeWorks DOES NOT check to see whether or not the courses are being offered in the terms that you enter them. Check the ORC, and with the appropriate Department/Program to determine when Major courses will be offered

Save Plan Message


When you have completed your Plan, click on the "Save Plan" button at the bottom of the template.You will have three options: You will be asked " Do you want to submit this Plan for approval now?"

  • Yes=Save and submit for approval– This will now go to the Department/Program for review and your Plan status is "pending." You may no longer change the Plan until you receive notification that your Plan has been either approved or denied .
  • No=Save but do not submit for approval – This will not go to the Department/Program for review, and will allow you to return to the Plan to update it before submitting it for review.
  • Cancel=don't Save changes or submit for approval - do nothing – This will remove the changes you have made in the Plan and will not Save or submit the Plan to the Department/Program for review.

    Save and Submit

If you receive an error message, and your Plan cannot be Saved, a red arrow will appear next to the course(s) in question. If you put your cursor over the red arrow it will explain the problem. For example, it may say the "course is not offered by this institution."

IMPORTANT: Course numbers must be preceded by a zero(s) in the same way that they appear on the Timetable when you enter them into the template. For example, you will get an error if you enter "BIOL 9" instead of BIOL 009," or if you enter "HIST 26" instead of "HIST 026."


If the course that you would like to add does not exist in Banner (I.E., transfer credit or future course) please prefix course with a hyphen '-'. Ex: -ITAL 000

error example


Make any corrections needed and click on the "Save Plan" button. If you clicked on "Yes" the following message will show just above the template:

"This Plan is pending approval by the Department/Program and has been locked. Check your Major/Minor Dashboard in BannerStudent".

Program pending message


  • Next to the message, the same blue symbol that means "in progress" on your degree audit worksheet will appear. Your Major will show as "inactive" in DegreeWorks next to the Planner arrow.
  • The "Active/Inactive" indicator will read "Inactive Plan."
  • Because it is locked and pending, it can now no longer be changed in DegreeWorks until approved or denied by the Department/Program.


You will receive an email confirmation that the Declaration and Plan have been submitted.

IMPORTANT: Your Major is not yet officially declared; it has only been submitted to the Department/Program for review at this stage. A Major is officially declared when it has been approved by the relevant Department/Program and also with the Office of the Registrar.


Phase 2 – Reviewing your Plan with the Department/Program

The next step is for you to meet with a Faculty Advisor from the Department/Program to discuss your Major Plan. The Department/Program Administrator will contact you with instructions on their process, which may vary among Department/Programs. NOTE: You and your Advisor may wish to review your Degree Audit Worksheet which shows your progress towards meeting Degree and General Education Requirements. You can print a pdf of your audit and bring it to an advising session. For instructions on how to print your DegreeWorks Audit, click HERE

While reviewing your Planner:

  • If you check the box "show completed classes" the Planner will show all prior courses that you have completed in the terms you selected (this is all prior courses, not only courses in the Major).

    Program Planner Status

  • Note: Hit "load" each time you check and uncheck the box to change the view.
  • In addition, if you scroll down below the Planner you can view your classes completed, along with grades earned in unplanned terms, and any transfer, credit and exemption classes.

    Classes Completed & Unplanned Terms

  • While these two features are available, the Degree Audit Worksheet is more comprehensive since it shows progress towards your degree for your general education requirements.
  • Your Advisor may approve, deny or adjust your Major Plan.
    • If your Plan is denied – you will need to update your Plan and resubmit it. You will receive an email notifying you that the Plan was denied.
    • When you meet with your Advisor, together you may adjust it, and the Advisor can then approve it. If approved, no further action is required on your part to declare your Major officially and you will receive a confirmation email.
    • If your Plan is approved by your Advisor – no further action is required on your part to declare your Major officially and you will receive a confirmation email.

The Student MAJOR/MINOR Dashboard

You can monitor the status of your Major declaration(s) by viewing your Major/Minor Dashboard, which is on your BannerStudent menu.

  • The Major/Minor Dashboard in BannerStudent provides you with information about your Major's:
    • Status (pending, approved, dropped)
    • Advisor (this is whomever, in the Department/Program, approved or denied your Plan in DegreeWorks)
    • Reason if denied
  • The Dashboard also provides you with the ability to drop a Major or Minor. If the following occurs:
    • Status is approved – Your Major is declared and no further action is required
      • You will receive an email confirmation that your Plan has been approved
    • Status is denied – Your Major is not declared and you will receive an email, reminding you that you will need to follow up with the Department/Program and submit a new, updated Plan (or rationale, in the case of Modified Majors).
      • You will receive an email confirmation that your Plan has been denied.
    • Status is pending – Your Major has not yet been reviewed by the Department/Program or the Registrar, and your Major is not yet declared. If a long period of time has passed, then follow up with the Department/Program.

Student Dashboard

NOTE: There may be occasions when the Department/Program(s) have approved your plan(s) however the Registrar has denied your Plan. If this is the case, you will receive notification from the Registrar's Office and will also have to submit a new, updated Plan (or rationale, in the case of Modified Majors). 

 Modified Majors, Updating Majors, Dropping Majors, and Adding a New Major

Modified Major Declaration

Submitting Modified Majors for Approval is essentially the same process as with all Majors, with a few additions:

  • All Modified Majors Require a Major Rationale be submitted via e-mail to the Department/Program(s) and to the Registrar
  • Modified Majors Require Approval by the Registrar as well as the Department/Program(s)
  • Modified Majors which require approvals by more than one Department/Program (Type A) require two (2) identical Plans be submitted and approved, with two different naming conventions
  • For more information on Modified Majors, see the ORC

Follow the directions for declaring a Major, using the naming conventions for the Modified Major as described in the linked list in DegreeWorks, MAJOR/MINOR NAMING CONVENTIONS.

NOTE: It is particularly important for Modified Major declarations to reference the MAJOR/MINOR NAMING CONVENTIONS list, and to use care when entering the Major description(s).

Modified Major A

(Primary and Secondary Department Approvals are both required. See the ORC for more information on Modified Major types and Faculty rules on primary and secondary Departments/Programs and courses.)


Enter the FIRST naming convention description, found in the FIRST Modified Major A column associated with the Department/Program combination, as outlined on the MAJOR/MINOR NAMING CONVENTIONS list. Save the Plan. Complete the Major Plan as described in "Submitting a Major request and Plan in DegreeWorks" and submit.

While the pending Plan is displayed, click the "SAVE AS" button (note, not the "SAVE" button) and a pop-up window will appear that will say "Copy of NAME OF CURRENT PLAN"

Copy of Original Plan

Enter the SECOND naming convention description found in the SECOND Modified Major A column, in the space provided. It is the one associated with the Department/Program combination as outlined on the MAJOR/MINOR NAMING CONVENTIONS list. Save the Plan

If you DO NOT enter the second plan, you will receive an email that you need to submit the second major plan.

Second Naming Convention

NOTE: This will create two identical Plans, with two related names, that will route to the Departments/Programs that need to review and approve your Modified Major. If you neglect to create two Plans, or if both Plan names are not correctly entered, your Modified Major cannot be approved.

Modified Major B (Single Department/Program Approval Required only).

Only one Plan is required for this type of Modified Major since only one Department/Program approval is needed


Modified Major B and Modified Major A


Both types of Modified Majors require that students, in addition to submitting a Major Declaration and Plan, submit a Major Rationale to the Department(s)/Program(s) in which they are requesting to Major, AND to the Registrar.

Submit an email copy of your Modified Major Rationale to the Registrar and appropriate Department/Programs when you submit your program Plan(s). You do not use DegreeWorks for this, just regular Dartmouth email. See the ORC for information on Modified Major Rationales.

  • Note: This means that students requesting Modified Major A will need to email copies of their Rationale to 3 areas: one to the Primary Department/Program, one to the Secondary Department/Program, and one to Modified Major B will need to send copies to two areas: one to the Department/Program and one to Please put in the subject line: MAJOR RATIONALE: <name of requested Modified Major>.
  • The Registrar is the final reviewer and approver of all Modified Majors. Until the program Plan and Rationale are reviewed and approved by the appropriate Departments/Programs AND the Registrar, the Modified Major is not officially declared.
  • You will receive an email notifying you when your Modified Major is approved and officially declared.


Updating a Major

You may update your major if you wish to make changes to your already approved Plan, or changes to your Plan if your Plan is DENIED. Note: you may not update your plan while it is still pending approval/denial.

If you wish to make updates to your already approved Plan, or if your submitted Plan is denied, a new plan must be submitted and the approval process begins over again.

Save Message for Second Plan

  • Go to DegreeWorks Planner
  • Select your Plan from the pull-down on the menu tab
  • Make the changes you desire in your Plan
  • Click the "Save" button and a pop-up window will appear
  • Click "Save" to Save your Plan. The Department/Program is alerted that you have submitted an updated Plan. "DO NOT SELECT SAVE AS - BE SURE TO SELECT "SAVE."
  • Each Department/Program may have different procedures for processing updates to Plans. Check with the Department/Program if you do not hear from them soon after submitting the updated Plan, or receive notification that it has been approved.

You will receive an email confirmation that your updated major has been submitted for approval.

Dropping a Major

  • Go to your Major/Minor Dashboard on Banner Student.
  • NOTE: You may not drop to "no Major" once you have declared a Major. You will receive an email if you have tried to drop your last Major, notifying you that this is not allowable. It will remain on record as your Major until you declare a new one.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that your Major has been dropped.

Drop Major

Adding another (new) Major

  • Go to DegreeWorks Planner
  • Select "Add New Plan" from the pull down in the Planner menu bar and click "load"
  • Name your plan, and follow the same procedures you did when you declared your initial Major
  • IMPORTANT:  Faculty legislation states that students may not use the same courses to complete two or more Majors or to fulfill the same requirements for a Major/Minor. It is possible, however for the prerequisites of one Major to be used to fulfill a second Major. Students may have a total of 3 (only) majors/minors. See the ORC for complete description of the Faculty rules.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that another major has been submitted for approval.

  Declaring a Minor

Students use the declaration process and Program Planner in DegreeWorks, and their Online Major/Minor Dashboard to declare a Minor in the same way in which they declare a Major. The only difference is that Minors do not require the submission of a culminating experience. Note that a student cannot exceed two additional Majors or Minors beyond the required Major (for a total of three). If the Minor has been completed at the time of graduation, it will then be noted on the student’s transcript, but the fact that a student is working toward a Minor will not appear on the transcript prior to graduation.

A Minor may not be in the same department or program as the student’s Major (either part of the Major in the case of a Modified Major), except when completely separate Majors are offered by the same department or program (French and Italian, for instance) and would be acceptable as the two parts of a double Major. As with Dual Majors, no course may count toward both a Major and a Minor or toward both of two Minors (although a course may be part of one of these and prerequisite to the other, or prerequisite to both, subject to the approval of both Departments or Programs). At most one course in the Minor, including prerequisite courses, in which the standing of NR is received, may be used toward satisfying the Minor. Individual departments or programs may disallow courses with NR standing to count toward their Minors…

For more information about Minors, see the ORC and individual Department/Program web pages.

Additional features

Comparing your "Planned" courses to what you have "Taken".

This is a feature that will compare term by term whether you have taken the courses you indicated. Note: if you take a course(s) a different term from what you indicated in your Plan, it will not indicate it as "taken."

  • Select "Plan vs. Taken" from the pull down menu on the Planner menu bar and hit "load"
  • Select the "Show Completed Classes" check box if not already checked
  • Change the mode to "View" mode
  • Click on the "load" button to reload the Plan
  • A green-filled circle at the top of the term indicates that you have taken everything you indicated that term

Planned Vs Taken

  •  A red-filled circle at the top of the term indicates that you have not taken everything you indicated that term.

  Plan Vs. Taken fail


  • What term should I use to begin my Major Plan?
    • If you are currently taking courses during a term, start with this term. If you have completed a term, and are between terms or on a leave term, and your grades are now on your transcript from the prior term, begin with the next term you plan to be in attendance.
  • Why does my Planner show 0 credits for courses I have taken, but 1 credit for courses I have Planned?
    • The Planner is just that, a tool that you use to Plan how your Major will look going forward. Your DegreeWorks Degree Audit or Official Transcript should be used to check credits earned and progress towards graduation.
  • Can I print my Major/Minor Program Plan?
    • Yes, there is a print function on the top right of the "Student Educational Planner" menu bar. Just click on "PRINT."
  • I keep adding a course that I know is on the Timetable but I get an error message that the institution does not offer the course. What is happening?
    • Check to see whether you have entered the course number correctly with the leading zeros. For example 060 not 60, or 002, not 2 or 02. Also, the course may have been proposed but not approved yet, or you did not type in the subject correctly (see MAJOR/MINOR NAMING CONVENTIONS) for a list of all Departments/Programs.
  • How do I name a Minor?
    • Use the same naming convention that you would use for a Major in that Department/Program by referencing the Major/Minor Naming Convention List in DegreeWorks. Simply substitute the word MINOR for the word MAJOR.
  • When do I use SAVE and when do I use SAVE AS? 
    • Use SAVE when you are making an update to an existing plan and you wish to resubmit it, for example when you wish to change the courses in your major plan. Use SAVE AS when you wish to copy a plan, and give it another name for submission, for example when you are submitting a modified major and need two identical plans for two departments/programs.

Last Updated: 2/9/15