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Online Major/Minor Declaration

Phase One: Launch DegreeWorks to A&S Faculty

On April 3, 2013 DegreeWorks was made available to all A&S Faculty. DegreeWorks is accessed via a link on the Faculty and Advisors menu of BannerStudent for Faculty.

Phase Two: Online Major/Minor Declaration

On February 4, 2014, the new Online Major/Minor Declaration system will open to students in the Class of 2016. The deadline for students in the class of 2016 to declare a major remains April 2, 2014.

Benefits of Online Major/Minor Declaration

Faculty priority

- Faculty have identified eliminating paper major cards as a top priority.

Supports Advising

- Faculty Advisors and Department and Program Administrators will benefit by being able to see the most accurate information about a student’s major and course plan.

- Use of the DegreeWorks Planner allows faculty advisors to view both degree audit and major/minor course plan information in the same tool.

- Student/Department/Program Administrator/Advisor/Registrar all access the same information that is stored centrally.

“Planned vs. Taken”

- Departments and Programs will be able to verify whether a student has completed the courses they have declared on their major/minor plan using DegreeWorks “planned vs. taken” view.

 No more filling out cards in triplicate

- Three paper cards per major and three paper cards per minor will no longer need to be signed by a student’s Advisor and filed with the Department /Program and the Registrar’s Office.

- Consistency will exist between what is “filed” with the Department/Program and the Registrar’s Office.

- UG students will benefit by not having to file copies of their major card with the Registrar and Department/Program each time they change the courses in their major or minor.

- Students, who sometimes lose their copy of the major card, will now be able to access/update their major and course plan online without having to come to the Registrar’s Office to request a  photocopy.

- The College will benefit by reducing paper consumption.

 Integration with the Banner student record

- Potential for future integration with a portfolio.

- Departments and Programs will have improved visibility into where the major/minor declaration is in the process.

 Data Integrity

- DegreeWorks ensures the courses chosen are valid in the Banner Catalog.

- Legibility (cards were sometimes hard to read.)

- Approver is logged by the system (signatures were sometimes hard to read.)

 Future Benefits

- Reporting:

Once the data is collected in the planner, it could be used to forecast demand; This data could help decide what or when courses or sections may be offered in the future.

- Program planning for purposes other than major declaration:

The program planner could be used by students in other ways, such as to plan all their courses as a "D-plan" planner, which integrates with Banner.

Last Updated: 1/24/14