Records Management

To effectively and efficiently manage the records and information of Dartmouth College, Records Management assists faculty and staff with the following:

  • Lifecycle Management

To assist College Offices, Divisions, Departments and Institutes in the management of records and information across their entire lifecycle: includes capture, distribution, use, storage, retrieval, protection, security, retention, preservation and disposition.

  • Providing Services

To provide Dartmouth faculty and staff with the knowledge (best practices, policies, procedures and international standards), the assistance (customer service, in-person consultations, services and trainings), and the resources (paper storage, digital solutions, and connections) to effectively and efficiently manage the records and information of the College.

  • Ensuring Protection

To ensure the College creates and preserves records and information as evidence, complies with statutes, regulations and authorities, mitigates risks by always having records when they are needed, and provides defensible disposition when records are no longer needed.

There is no charge for any of our services. Contact Records Management for more details.

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