Finding Videos & DVDs

About Finding Videos & DVDs

All videos and DVDs are cataloged and listed in the Dartmouth College Library Catalog. You can search for them by author, title, subject, or keyword. Please note - setting the collection menu to Videos & DVDs limits your search results to physical items in the Library. It does not include Web sites that feature streaming video. For these formats, use the Web Resources collection limit.

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Finding Videos & DVDs by Keyword

» Set the collection menu to Videos & DVDs and enter your search.

If you do a Keyword Search without first setting your limit and you retrieve too many items, you can set the format limit and re-execute your search.

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Finding Videos & DVDs by Author, Title, or Subject

» Choose the desired search index and set the collection menu to Videos & DVDs.

  • Author - Enter the names of screenwriters, actors, and directors in last name - first name order. You can also search for the names of studios, e.g., Ealing Studios.
  • Title - Drop the initial article when searching by title (e.g. Maltese Falcon - not The Maltese Falcon). Retain articles that appear within the title, such as Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
  • Subject - (e.g. Frost, Robert)

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