View Your Reading History

My Reading History allows you to save a list of everything that you check out from the library. Your reading history is available from your library account.

The system will start saving a list of titles beginning with any titles that you check out AFTER you click on "Opt In". Anything that you checked out before you started saving your history will NOT be on the list. If you Renew a book that was checked out prior to opting in, it will NOT be added it to your reading history.

You can delete some or all of the titles on your list whenever you want. Click on "Opt Out" after you have turned on the feature to stop saving titles at any time. However, you must delete all of the titles from your reading history before you can opt out of saving your history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will have access to my reading history?
See the Library's Privacy Policy.

Is the Reading History feature only going to keep track of books?
No, the Reading History will keep track of everything that you borrow from the library - books, journals, DVDs, CDs, etc.

Can I delete titles from my list?
Yes, you can delete some or all of the titles from your reading history.

Will it list books that I borrow through Borrow Direct or DartDoc?
Those items are only temporarily added to our local system. Please use the DartDoc and Borrow Direct systems to view past requests made.

What happens when an item is no longer available in the collection?
You will see the message "Information no longer available" instead of the title.

Does this service allow me to export titles?
Yes, you can export your titles to an email address or file.

Can I sort my list by author, title, etc.?
Simple sorting is accomplished by clicking on the column headings.


  • Log into your account.
  • Click on "Reading History"
  • Click on "Opt In"