Using EndNote with the Library Catalog

About EndNote

EndNote is a bibliographic reference manager for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.


  • Search the Library Catalog using EndNote, or import saved references into your EndNote library.
  • EndNote can format imported citations according to any number of style formats, such as Turabian , Chicago Manual of Style , or Science .
  • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Word to reference citations from your EndNote library into your research paper and automatically format your footnotes and bibliography.
  • Import citations from other databases, such as journal indexes.


  • You may need to edit some records in your EndNote library to get the references to format properly.
  • It is necessary to take the time to learn how to use EndNote.

Where can I get EndNote?

EndNote is available for sale from EndNote at their web site (External).

Discounts are available for students. For information on student pricing go to

Catalog Connection Files

You can search the Library Catalog with EndNote using a connection file. This has the advantage of directly downloading your results into EndNote, which eliminates the need to import your citations as a separate step. As an added bonus, EndNote downloads Library Location information, call numbers, and circulation status. It also displays diacritics correctly. Save the file in your Connections folder.

Download the EndNote connection file

EndNote Searching Tips

Questions about connection files for the Dartmouth Library Catalog should be directed to William Fontaine in Baker/Berry Library.

Importing References into EndNote

You also have the option of importing records that you've saved from the Catalog into EndNote.

At this time, Library locations, call numbers, and circulation status information cannot be imported. If having this information in your EndNote database is important, use the Catalog Connection File (see above).

There are two ways to import records from the Catalog into EndNote: (1) MARC format, and (2) EndNote format.

The MARC format is recommended because it is much better at putting the various data elements from the catalog record into the proper fields of your EndNote database. This minimizes the amount of editing you'll need to do in order to get your citations to display properly. In addition, the MARC format includes full diacritics, while the EndNote format does not. This can be important if you will be citing materials in languages such as Spanish or French.

Importing MARC records:
Use this filter to import citations in MARC format:

Download the MARC filter

Instructions for importing MARC records

    1. You MUST export saved records in MARC format to Screen. MARC records exported to "Local Disk"  cannot be imported into EndNote.

      Marc export from catalog
    2. When the records display in your browser, go to the FILE menu and save save the page as a text file. It will have an html extension (e.g., search~S1.html).
    3. In EndNote, go to the FILE menu and choose IMPORT.  The Import dialog box will appear.  Choose the file to be imported. Select the Dartmouth Catalog MARC filter and set the text translation to Unicode (UTF-8). Click the Import button.

importing marc records from the catalog

Instructions for importing "EndNote" records

The Library Catalog also allows you to export your citations in "EndNote" format to "E-Mail" or "Local Disk." When you import these saved files into EndNote, you'll need set the "Import Options" pop-up menu to "Refer/BiblX". Please note that this is not the recommended option for importing records from the Library Catalog into EndNote. It does not handle diacritics well, and your EndNote database will require extensive editing in order for the citations to format properly.

EndNote Support

Please note that this Help Page is intended to provide connection files & filters to the Dartmouth Library Catalog for users of EndNote. It does not aim to teach one how to use EndNote.

EndNote comes with a manual in Adobe Acrobat format. Additional support, with a tutorial, an FAQ, and Tip Sheets, are available at (External) Endnote support .

Questions about filters and connection files for the Dartmouth Library Catalog should be directed to William Fontaine in Baker/Berry Library.

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