Bib Status and Other Status Codes


Provides guidelines for using Bib status and other status codes for records being edited or completed in Millennium.


New materials with order records

  • Continue using Bib Status “j”—this will let library staff know that these records are being worked on, but will not suppress the item from the public catalog.
  • Do not add the cat date ; make sure it is blank
  • When you create the item record, immediately add an ICODE2 “n”—this will suppress the item record (and call number), and will preserve and “in process” message in the catalog.
  • If adding multiple item records suppress all; add |i and leave blank.
  • Be sure to add your initials right away so the item can be located, if necessary
  • Removing the ICODE2 “n” will be part of the revision procedure, along with adding the Cat Date. At this point the record will be public, so we shouldn’t let the item sit. (If multiple items revisor has the option to return to the cataloger to finish processing after revision.

New materials without order records

  • Use Bib Status “c” –this will completely suppress the item from the public catalog

For original cataloging or record upgrades when cataloging is done in OCLC

When you receive the materials to work on, update the Bibliographic record in Millenium.

  • Bib status = j
  • Add 998 or change existing 998 initials to your initials