URLs in Print Cataloging : Acquisitions


These guidelines detail how to handle 856 fields when they are present in records for print materials. Acquisitions Services will be referring titles that fall out of the fastcat criteria to Cataloging and Metadata Services. Some URLs in print materials need to be evaluated in Cataloging and Metadata Services. Unacceptable URLs will be deleted..


Acquisition Records for Orders Downloaded from OCLC

Delete all URLs from order records downloaded from OCLC. No evaluation of the URL is necessary

  1. Delete the entire 856 field.
  2. Delete 007 fields if they are present in records for monographs.


In FastCat, keep URLs in print records that have the following prefixes:


Refer all other monographic records with URLs to Cataloging and Metadata Services for evaluation.

[rev.1 20100127 bwb/bg]