Searching Guidelines for In-process Audio CD's in OCLC

Chief Source Use the disc as a primary source but accept information from the container as well.
Type of search

The primary search option is "Publisher number." This can be a number on the CD spine or disc or the UPC number under the bar code on the container.

mn:[number on piece]

If this fails, use a "Personal name" or "Corp/Conf Name" search qualified by year.

cn:[band name]/[year]
pn:[performer/composer name]/[year]
cn:mothers of invention/1970
pn:zappa, frank/1973
ELvl (I-Level) I, 1, or blank
ELvl (FastCat) I or blank
Desc a
040 (FastCat) Check acceptable libraries for FastCat.
6XX (I-Level) Check acceptable subjects for I-Level cataloging.
007 (I-Level) Presence required - reject if missing - Do not check for FastCat.
024 UPC code match -- Presence NOT required.
028 Publisher no. - match
100 Author Performer, band or composer.
245 |a Title Match with piece.
250 Edition statement Match with piece.
260 |c Dates

Verify (check 5XX fields as an alternative.)

If you have trouble verifying bracketed dates, and everything else matches, send them through for FastCat or I-Level as is.

300 Description 4 3/4 in.
505 Contents Note (I-Level)

Presence required - reject if missing - do not check for FastCat.

When acceptable FastCat copy is found, send the CD to the CD FastCat shelf.

When acceptable I-Level copy is found, write the OCLC number on travel slip, attach it to the CD and move the CD to the Audio CD I-Level shelf.