Oversize Designations for Baker/Berry, Cook, Sherman

There are Oversize and Folio locations for Baker/Berry, Cook and Sherman. For these 3 locations, it will be necessary to use a different location code if the piece you are cataloging exceeds the standard size.

This applies to the stacks locations, and to the East Asian collections as well.

Location assignment will be based on height and width of the piece. Commercial binding and in-house binding can add up to an additional 1.3 cm., thus the different limits for hardbound and softbound volumes.

The dimensions are:

General Stacks

Hardbound: under 32 cm. high

Softbound: under 31 cm. high


Hardbound: 32 cm. to 45 cm. high

Softbound: 31 cm. to 45 cm. high


Hardbound and Softbound: 46 cm. high OR 37 cm. wide

All books 37 cm. wide or wider will be stored in Folio.

Code Online Catalog Spine Label
baov Baker/Berry Oversize Oversize
bafo Baker/Berry Folio Folio
baco Baker/Berry Orient Col. Oversize/China Oversize (two lines)
baao Baker/Berry Japan Col. Oversize/Japan Oversize (two lines)
coov Baker/Berry Cook Cook/Oversize
arov Sherman Oversize Art/Oversize
arfo Sherman Folio Art/Folio