Preparing and Exporting Records in OCLC Connexion


Instructions on how to prepare and export records in OCLC Connexion Client. This procedure is intended for use by Cataloging & Metadata Services.


1. Add Local Data

Local data can be added in two ways. Either by keying the data or by using constant data in OCLC Connexion. For information on how to create and use constant data see: The information provided below should be used to construct constant data files.

If keying data directly into the record, insert the following lines:

949 b b *ov=.[o-number or b-number];b2=n;b3=-;
949 b 1 ‡l [location code] ‡u 950 ‡z [barcode]
910 b b [cataloger initials]
946 b b ‡u +l


949     overlays the brief Innopac record and adds the Innopac bibliographic fixed fields. [(ov is the command to overlay) (b2 maps to the source field) (b3 maps to the bib status field) (bn maps to the location field)] If overlay is NOT required, omit ov=.[o-number or b-number];. The 949 will look like this: *b2=n;b3=-;. Be sure to end this line with a semicolon.
949 b 1 creates an item record in Innopac when the record is exported. Other item record fields can be added. See the list below. This line must include the $u 950. Additional 949 b1 fields can be added for multiparts or multiformat materials to create multiple item records.
910     inputs catalogers initials in a 998 field. Do not input the "‡c".
946     translates into a 955 in Innopac.

The last four lines of the record might look like this.

949     *ov=.b1267635x;b2=n;b3=-;
949 b 1 ‡l bakr ‡u 950 ‡z 33311014081000
910     bg
946     ‡u +l

(N.B. OCLC requires a space before and after the subfield delimiters.)

2. Validate

Select "Validate" in the "Edit" drop down menu (or type Shift+F5).

3. Update

Add Dartmouth Library's holdings in OCLC. Update only if the record is complete. After adding our holdings to a record be sure the item continues through to labeling and shelving in a timely fashion.

Select "Update Holdings" in the "Action" drop down menu (or type F8) OCLC will automatically add ‡d DRB to the 040 field.

4. Export

Export the record. If overlaying, be sure to close the record to be overlayed in MilCat.

Select "Export" in the "Action" drop down menu (or type F5).

The following fields can be added to the 949 b1 field to include additional data in the item record. Multiple 949 b1's can be created for multi-parts & multi-format materials.

Innopac Field Tag MARC tag and 2nd Indicator MARC subfield
CALL #(c) 949 1 $b
VOL(v) 949 1 $v or $y
950$E(e) 949 1 $e
MARC (y) 949 1 $f
[COP#] 949 1 $g
MARC (y) 949 1 $h
MARC (y) 949 1 $i
[LOC] 949 1 $l
[IMESSAGE] 949 1 $m
PUBLICNOTE(n) 949 1 $n
[PRICE] 949 1 $p
[ICODE1] 949 1 $q
[ICODE2] 949 1 $r [For item record suppression]
[STATUS] 949 1 $s
[I TYPE] 949 1 $w
BARCODE(b) 949 1 $z

(N.B. Innopac fixed fields are expressed in [ ] brackets.)

949 b 1 ‡r n ‡w 27 ‡l bajmz ‡u 95004 ‡b 104 ‡z 33311014081000


‡w 27 - [I TYPE] = DVD/videodisc

‡w l - [LOC] = bajmz - Jones Media DVD

‡u 95004 ‡b 104 - Accession call number