Cataloger's Desktop

Cataloger's Desktop is licensed by the Dartmouth College Library for use by library staff. To access this system, your name must be included in the Dartmouth Name Directory (DND) as a library staff member. Please do not share your username and password with anyone. The Library has a limited number of simultaneous log-ons (the license allows for up to 9 simultaneous users). Log out when your search session is finished to allow others access.

Please note: if the pop-up blocker in your browser is enabled, you need to use one of the following methods to access this site:

  • on the Cataloger's Desktop login screen, check the box below the password box to indicate that you are using a pop-up blocker. Clicking on the login button will bring up an interim screen, where you will need to click again to open the site.
  • modify your browser settings to allow pop-ups from this website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the beginning of November, 2009, Cataloger's Desktop moved to a new platform.  Cataloger's Desktop 3.0 (CD3) requires everyone using this service to have their own unique login.  Library staff who need to use Cataloger's Desktop 3.0 should contact Cataloging and Metadata Services to set up an account.  Once an account has been created, you should receive an email with a username (your email address will serve as your user name) and a temporary password.  For instructions on logging in for the first time to CD3, please go to this link. Please contact Cataloging and Metadata Services if you have any questions.