WebPac Implementation Team

Location Hotlink Recommendation

The WebPAC Implementation Team recommends that the Library take advantage of the feature in the new catalog that hotlinks the LOCATION in the record display to additional information about materials in that library (see examples below).

The LOCATION hotlink should take the user to collection-level information rather than library-level information when sensible. For instance, Baker/Berry Oversize or Evans Clerestory rather than the full Baker/Berry stacks guide, but to Rauner information rather than Rauner Iconography or Rauner Broadsides.

Collection-level pages should contain a link back to a library-level page.

Each information page is to contain at least how to find the collection (either via a map or text directions), a link to hours, and a brief summary of borrowing privileges for that collection/library

Additional considerations

  1. It would be most useful to patrons (particularly undergrads) to know, before they walk to the library, whether they can borrow the material they have discovered.  CD's and DVD's were mentioned as examples.

  2. It is not possible at this time to open these pages in a new window.  Therefore page authors should keep in mind the context in which they will be shown if they are using existing pages from their websites.  In particular it should be noted that a link that takes the user to the Catalog will not return them to the search results screen they were just on, but will instead start a new session.

  3. Example locations have been enabled for illustration: Baker/Berry Oversize, Cook, and Kresge Libraries:

    Paleo-Hebrew Leviticus scroll (Baker/Berry Oversize)


    Complex Analysis by Lang (Cook)


    General Relativity by Wald (Kresge)