WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

August 30, 2001


  • Mark Mounts, Bill Ghezzi (co-chairs)
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Paul Merchant
  • Becca Lee
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg (recorder)


Minutes of August 23, 2001 were approved.


Becca is leaving the library September 30. We all wish her well.

Tomorrow (August 31) is the big day for switching over to the new catalog

libcat (libcat.dartmouth.edu) is the new generic URL; “inno” will continue to work.  The Catalog button on the library home page will go directly to the new catalog; other links will show a redirect page. Remote users should be reminded to allow complete reload, otherwise it will not work.

What’s New

Bill G.’s draft of the “What’s New” paragraph was approved. It will go to Mary LaMarca for  the Library Home Page and for Library Announcements Bulletin. Also to Paul for DCIS client application server news.

Staff Sessions

Reinhart reported that the second round of staff orientation sessions went well. Becca is planning more sessions for circulation staff. Jennifer will be the future point person for patron functions.  Individual libraries and departments should be encouraged to offer additional training as needed.

Journal Request Function

The problem with the request for journals has been identified and III’s Software Engineering is working on fixing it. It appears that request for articles can be made again, but the journal volume request is still broken. Becca has also submitted several enhancement requests in the process.

In process/ on order status

At this point, requests for these items will be blocked. Becca is working on a user-friendly message that directs patrons to a circulation desk. In the future, requests for in-process items should generate some action that gets these items into the cataloging work flow.

Leftovers from the To Do List

Cecelia’s draft proposal regarding the continued maintenance of the catalog after the demise of the Implementation Team was approved. We  discussed the need for broad-based representation on the successor team and  added a list of library areas that should be represented.  Bill G. and Mark will take the proposal to the Digital Library Leadership Group.

Limit options on the Keyword search page will be arranged in a way similar to the post-search limit screen.

Implementation of “Time to be reshelved” etc. messages has been deferred.

Next week’s meeting will be dedicated to further To Do items and to recommendations for the  future enhancement of the catalog