WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes



  • ghezzi
  • nelson
  • lee
  • mounts
  • fontaine
  • merrill
  • merchant
  • sonnenburg
  • fries [recorder]


Minutes from 0301 and 0308 were approved.


CMDC Serials group

This group is interested in a joint meeting to discuss serials/journals in the catalog, probably toward the end of April. Bill Ghezzi and Barb Sagraves will coordinate this.

Author in Brief display

Jennifer said that this isn't working correctly in all cases right now, but would like to leave this 'as is' for now so III can test. If III can't fix the bug, we will likely turn it off. Also. Jennifer will contact III about the
length of time needed to execute a 'limit' command.

Feedback responses document/pages

Jennifer is adding to these more slowly now, though the archive continues to grow. When Jennifer is away on vacation, Mark will maintain the responses document.

SOS script

Reinhart presented this. We reviewed the script, offered suggestions, and discussed our plans for these sessions. In addition to Library sessions, Computing Services has been offered an SOS session (Jennifer was asked if the STDC sign-up pages we available only to Library Staff, or would we be able to let Computing staff use them too. She didn't know but will ask.)

Beyond additions/deletions changes etc., it was suggested that IE should be the browser of choice for these sessions. On a related note, on patron help pages 'help' will include what features to turn on/off in the browser.

Help pages

Bill Fontaine raised questions from the help sub-group (for example, tips on advanced searching, frames for help screens vs. new window). As the meeting was closing, we will discuss 'help' matters at the next meeting.