WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

Feb. 15, 2001


  • Bill Ghezzi (co-chair)
  • Mark Mounts. (co-chair)
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Paul Merchant
  • Becca Lee
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Ann McHugo (recorder)


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


  • Jennifer: the keyword index has been rebuilt. All location limits now look at the location field in the bib record.
  • Jennifer: URL clean-up projects are starting.
  • Bill: The web pages for the WPIT have been updated.
  • Bill and Mark met with John James and Cyndy Pawlek last week to review the progress of the WPIT and the timeline for rollout of the new catalog. The schedule for discontinuing the BRS catalog is still being discussed. John and Cyndy encouraged WPIT to publicize the new catalog soon, and begin to set up tests and training sessions with students, staff, and faculty. It was suggested that groups of BRS "power users" should be convened from the faculty and staff to find out what users will expect basedon their use of the BRS system and how to meet those expectations with the Innopac system. It was also suggested that staff from Computing Services, such as the Consultants, should be included in the early tests and training programs. John and Cyndy were particularly interested in patron-initiated functions in the new catalog;Becca is working on a document that will summarize these features.
  • Mark will be away next week for jury duty.

USC/CMDC meeting

Bill showed the group the Power Point outline which he and other members of the WPIT will present at the combined USC/CMDC meeting on Wed. Feb 21 (10:00-12:00). Bill will also talk with the Steering Committee of the Collection Services Group to see if the group would be interested in hearing the presentation at an upcoming meeting.

Catalog issues

  • Mark presented the new look of the WebPac; all buttons have been moved into the banner and will travel with each screen of the Webpac. *Mark reported that the issue of defining the scope of the "Help"button was raised at a recent Library Online Systems Committee meeting. LOSC suggests that the HELP button on the banner should be for Library help and not attempt to present broader HELP options.
  • "Start over" buttons are missing from the Keyword Search page. Jennifer will add them.
  • The link for "Advanced Search Tips" will be moved to the last position in the list of "Search Tips."
  • Suggestions were made to balance the banner and the search options box on the main page.

Next WPIT meeting: Thursday 2/22 @ 11:00am.