WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

Thurs 2/01/01, from 11-12 in Baker 158


  • Bill Fontaine (recorder)
  • Mark Mounts
  • Bill Ghezzi
  • Norma Pellerin
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Jen Nelson
  • Becca Lee
  • Paul Merchant


BG  noted the top WebPac enhancement requests from the IUG. He will also be posting minutes and other materials on the WebPac Team web site later today.

JM announced that links to active course reserves have been established from the "Course Reserves" button on the Main Menu.

JM stated that the keyword index will be re-done soon. While the index is being rebuilt the keyword option for the WebPac will not work. Once the indexing is complete, the pre-search limits should work.

JM stated that the recommendations from the URL report will be implemented.

BG - no report for the Design subgroup.

BL reported on the Patron Initiated Features subgroup. They are currently drafting the report recommendations.

BF and RS reported on efforts to have some basic help loaded in time for the CMDC/User Services presentation. JM indicated that the help files are needed by Wednesday, Feb. 14 in order to be ready for the presentation.


Becca will submit minutes for the Jan. 25th meeting. Jim Fries has added comments to his draft of the Jan. 18th meeting and will distribute them to the group later today.

Agenda Items

The committee discussed how to make the current entry page: https://inno.dartmouth.edu/ go away while still providing staff access to "Staff Functions" and "Not Fully Implemented Features" using as the entry page: https://inno.dartmouth.edu/screens/staff.htmlinstead. This will be implemented today.

In item record I14046945 of B10571735 a "lacks" note is given, but this "lacks" note does not appear in the webPAC record. The necessary fields will be identified so these fields in item records will be displayed in webPAC.

The charge and composition of the staff training subgroup was discussed. Proposed membership: Reinhart Sonnenburg, Jen Nelson, Norma, and possibly Ann McHugo.

Proposed Charge

  1. Develop an introductory training session for all library employees. The session should  focus on basic catalog functions.
  2. Consult with other library committees while designing and scheduling training (STDC, USC)
  3. Schedule times and places for the session
  4. Recruit additional trainers from outside the WebPac Team
  5. Complete work by March 15