WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

Jan. 18, 2001


  • Merrill
  • Mounts
  • McHugo
  • Ghezzi
  • Merchant
  • Lee
  • Sonnenburg
  • Fries (recorder)

Approve minutes

Minutes from 011101 approved with slight changes (in wording of design sub-group tasks, item 3 in minutes).

Keyword discussion

keyword at https://inno.dartmouth.edu/screens/opacmenu.html

search anywhere vs. phrase searching -- system design is the constraint in how we offer 'keyword' search.

Limit screen update

III is reviewing all 'limit by' options for fixes that may be needed. For example, the limit by material type needs work. Material type "s' works but in book/journal not working properly due to coding differences. Global update will harmonize leader byte with MARC record material type "s".

URLs in Web Opac Subgroup report dated 011701 (Jennifer)

We discussed Urls in web opac subgroup report. What to do with urls coded to support BRS but not working in Innopac? We now store urls in item records; the sub-group was charged with finding a solution to fix this. Proposed solution: remove urls from item records and use 856 field to record urls for linking purposes.

The report includes sample records, existing and proposed.

Acquisitions Services is now entering URL data in the 856 field of the bib record. Acquisitions will continue to enter URL data in the Notes field of order records as needed for set-up and histories; as this field is not checked by the Checkbot, there will be no conflict reported if an order URL breaks.

Using the title, Icarus, as an example, we going back and forth between a publisher site (for example, the Idealibrary.com site for full-text journal sources) and the catalog, and agreed it is very important to provide an easy way to get back to the catalog. In this connection, we discussed frames (catalog frame, publisher site frame); we also discussed possibility of a user bookmarking the Icarus page and changes in the url.

At the forthcoming CMDC meeting, the issues will be raised 'as is' (presentation of the banner, catalog and publisher page frame sizes, bookmarking) for group consideration, discussion and input. For now, frames remain, pending feedback and further discussion.

At a coming LOSC meeting, BRS displays (per page 1 of the report) will be discussed, as will the 'status' discussion (possibly removing 'on shelf' status for e-resources).