WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

Jan. 4, 2001


Jennifer M. will talk to a III rep about the problems with the Serials index.

Those who will be at ALA are going to prepare for meetings with III reps.

There will be a WPIT meeting next week.

Reminder: joint USC/CMDC meeting on Feb 21 will focus on WebPac

Sub-group Reports

Limit Group

Material type remains a problem.

Patron-Initiated Functions

Feedback on request function will be needed. Eventually, the group will present recommendations to the WPIT.


In the process of hammering out details.  Wants to move revised and improved help screens into the WebPac as soon as possible.

Post-Search Functionality

  1. The medium option (those cute little book gifs) will probably have to wait for second round implementation.
  2. Link color decision should be referred to Design Group.
  3. Brief record export option will not be offered until call number problem has been resolved.
  4. Extended display recommendation stands (for the time being).
  5. Full report will be posted

Main Menu

The WPIT started the discussion of the Main Menu design group report (submitted Dec.5).  Consistent help buttons, appropriately travelling buttons, etc. were the focus  of the initial discussion. To be continued.