WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

8/24/00, 11-12pm, Baker 158


  • Bill Ghezzi (co-chair)
  • Mark Mounts (co-chair)
  • Jim Fries
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg (recorder)

Old Business


The minutes of the 8/17/00 meeting were approved

Charge for the Design Subgroup

The charge was approved after adding an item asking the subgroup to take a look at frames in the WebPac. Bill Ghezzi will send out a call for one more volunteer for the subgroup.

A brief discussion concerning the need for turning on specific WOPTIONS ensued. In general, subgroups should feel free to request such WOPTIONS via the WebPacIT mailing list.


Jim Fries inquired about the time frame for completing the task of the Implementation Team. Dec. 31 is unrealistic as a completion date but a more tangible product should be in place by that date.

Bill Ghezzi announced that he is continually updating and reorganizing the WebPacIT page.  One of the features everyone should  look at is  a compilation of canned searches that demonstrate various possibilities for dealing with electronic journals etc.

A future meeting will be dedicated to the full range of issues involved in dealing with journal titles in the WebPac.

Subgroup reports

Limit Subgroup

The Limit group has compiled a  list of categories and is exploring where the values for these categories will be coming from. The material type problem will need to be fixed as soon as possible to make it possible for everyone to test realistic limit options.

Main Menu Design subgroup

The Main Menu Design group has decided to go with just one front page. They  have made a list of desirable categories and are working on organizing them.

Post-Search Functionality subgroup

The Post-Search Functionality group has been on hiatus because of the Baker/Berry move but will resume its work soon. Its deadline will need to be extended.

Basic vs. Advanced Keyword Search

Jennifer Merrill clarified that basic and advanced keyword searching are identical in what they are achieving. The only difference is that the advanced search offers pre-search limit options  whereas the basic one does not.  A case could be made for getting rid of the basic search to avoid confusion.

The implied adjacency  (i.e., phrase) search presents a problem.

It is not clear whether the pre-search limit categories of the advanced keyword search  are the same ones as the post-search limits for other searches. Jennifer will investigate.

Many questions of design and help screens etc. remain unresolved.

Further topics

Patron-initiated functions will need to be addressed. It may also become necessary to create an electronic resources subgroup.

The next meeting on Thursday August 31 will be in the Alperin Room.