Task Force on Authority Control Implementation : S8 Subgroup

August 1, 2000

Subgroup members: Maxine Cameron, Donna Dougher, Bill Ghezzi (Chair), Susan LaPoint, Stina McCarthy, Miriam Moore

The S8 Subgroup was formed to evaluate the role of the S8 file in light of the implementation of authority control in the Innopac Online Catalog. For a number of years the S8 form was used as the source for the authorized form for series title headings. More recently we have been depending on the Library of Congress Authority file. With the addition of authority control to our catalog, our authority records will be the primary source for authorized series title headings.

All of the information on the S8 form is available in other sources in Innopac. But that information is scattered over a number of different types of records. Binding information is in the checkin record, series treatment in the bibliographic record or authority record, fund information in the order record, etc. The S8 file makes it possible to bring this data together into one place and provide a useful travel slip.

  • Acquisitions Services uses the S8 for a number of functions related to processing series title and multiparts. These functions are not related to authority control and are more closely connected to the need for a travel slip in a standing order title.
  • In Preservation Services S8 functions as a travel slip. Treatment statement (Classed together/ separately) helps determine who will handle binding and plate information. The call number is used for filing.
  • In Bibliographic Records the S8 is also useful as a travel slip. Treatment, author and title information are of some use.
  • Bibliographic Control Services is not currently using the S8 form.

Maintenance and duplication of work has been a concern with the S8 file. Since all of the information in the S8 is available in other Innopac records, making sure that the data in the both files match is a challenge.

  • The group decided that Acquisitions Services would continue to maintain the S8 file to be used as a source for a travel slip for series issues.
  • We would like to stress that the S8 is not the source for the authorized form of a series title heading. With authority control, the authority record is the primary source for authorized series title headings.
  • We would also recommend reevaluation of the functions of the S8 a year from now (summer 2001) to determine if authority control and the implementation of the Innopac WebPac change the way S8 file functions.