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Dartmouth Travel Assistance Program (DTAP)

To assist Dartmouth travelers in coping with the risks of travel, Dartmouth has partnered with International SOS to provide travel, medical, and security assistance.

The terms and conditions of Dartmouth's Travel Assistance Program have changed effective July 1, 2020.  We are currently analyzing these changes and expect to update the information contained on this page soon.  If you have travel plans, we advise you to notify us at risk.management@dartmouth.edu or at 603-646-2442, and we will get back to you to discuss how changes in this program may affect your plans.

Important considerations or services associated with the program are:

  • Eligible individuals are Dartmouth students, faculty, staff, volunteers, chaperones, and alumni while on Dartmouth business and dependents while traveling with a covered employee.
  • Pre-trip information and consultation on travel health and security issues
  • Medical, dental, and counseling referrals.
  • Emergency and routine medical advice.
  • Enhanced emotional support services – see attached PDF for details
  • Medical monitoring/case management – fee charged to traveler
  • Dispatch of medication and medical supplies – fee charged to traveler
  • Guarantee of payment to medical providers – fee charged to traveler

NOTE: Direct payment to providers can avoid ISOS fees (minimum charge is $220.00)

  • Emergency personal cash advances – fee charged to traveler
  • Emergency security evacuation
  • Emergency medical evacuation and medically supervised repatriation, for eligible individuals under the age of 75
  • ISOS is not a health insurance provider – charges incurred by traveler are traveler's responsibility and will need to be submitted to traveler's health insurer for reimbursement.
  • Travel Restrictions: Restrictions apply to travel to Haiti, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Cuba, Yemen, and Syrian Arab Republic.  Contact RICS or call 603-646-2442 regarding any travel to the noted countries.
  • Dartmouth community members are eligible for discounted personal travel coverage by visiting ISOS membership or calling 1-800-523-8662.

This summary of the Dartmouth Travel Assistance Program does not constitute a promise of benefits. Please refer to ISOS for a complete description of terms, conditions, limitations, and charges.

Dartmouth employees insured through Dartmouth's Cigna plan are covered under Cigna's Medical Benefits Abroad plan (Cigna MBA). See Cigna International Coverage link below.

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