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Code of Ethical Conduct

Our Commitment to Integrity

Dartmouth will comply fully with all relevant laws and all contract and grant requirements, as well as with its own high standards of integrity and quality. Dartmouth personnel are expected to assume personal responsibility and accountability for understanding relevant laws, regulations, and contract and grant requirements.  

The Dartmouth Code of Ethical Conduct provides guidance on expected ethical conduct for those who are part of the Dartmouth community, including trustees, faculty, staff, and student employees.

A Shared Responsibility

Members of the Dartmouth community are expected to:

  • Become familiar with the Code of Ethical Conduct and applicable administrative policies.
  • Nurture a culture distinguished by integrity, quality, trust, openness, diversity, inclusion, and respect.
  • Maintain engagement and report any breaches to the Code of Ethical Conduct or administrative policies.

Additional Policies

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