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Reduce Course Load Guide

The “Reduce Course Load” application replaces the paper cards and is available until the end of the course withdrawal period. You may use this application after the add/drop deadline until the last day to withdraw from a course to make a change in your course enrollment.


 Reduce Course Load tile in DartHub


Step 1: Log into DartHub with your Net ID and password and select the Reduce Course Load application tile.


 reduce course load menu


Step 2: To reduce your course load, check the box next to the course you wish to remove from your schedule.

 submission checklist


Step 3: Click submit to unenroll from the course. Once you hit submit, the application confirms that it has been received by the Registrar’s Office. The course change will display on your schedule within 3-5 business days.

Students are reminded to first notify instructors of their intention to no longer remain in the course before they submit a change. First-year students also consult their Undergraduate Dean and in appropriate cases, students consult with OVIS or the Director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric.

 confirmation message

Step 4: Your course load reduction is submitted and will be processed in 3-5 business days. You may click “Return to Reduce Course Load Application” to remove an additional course.



Student Course Load Reduction FAQ


What is the final day that I may drop a course?

The final day for dropping a fourth course without a grade notation of "W" is located on the term calendar.


What is the final day that I may withdraw from a course?

The final day to withdraw from a course is 11:59 PM EST on the date listed on the term calendar.


How many two-course and four-course terms am I allowed?

Students are allotted 3 two-course terms and 4 four-course terms.


May I submit multiple course-load reductions. Does the order of my submissions matter?

If you submit multiple course-load reductions, the first submission will be processed as a fourth-course drop and will not appear on the student’s transcript (if before deadline to drop a fourth course without a grade notation of "W"). The second submission will be processed as a third-course withdrawal and will appear on the student transcript with a grade notation of “W.”


If I withdraw from a course, does it appear on my transcript?

A withdrawn course remains on the student’s transcript with the grade notation of “W”. You may contact your undergraduate dean for more information.


May I petition to not have a “W” appear on my transcript?

No, requests to remove a “W” from the transcript will not be considered.


Does withdrawal from non-credit bearing courses like a lab appear on my transcript?

Any non-credit bearing courses (lab sections, the first two courses in an IIP sequence, PE courses) will not appear on a transcript. For example, if you withdraw from a class with a lab section, the credit-bearing lecture section will appear as a W, but the lab section will not.


Does withdrawal from a third course use one of my allotted two-course terms?

Yes, if you withdraw from a third course this initiates the use of a two-course term.


Does dropping a fourth course regain the use of a four-course term?

After dropping a fourth course, the student will regain the use of that four-course term. However, after the term deadline to drop a fourth course, withdrawing from a fourth course will still constitute the use of a four-course term.


If I drop or withdraw from a course, may I take the course again in a future term?

You may take a course you have dropped or withdrawn from in a future term.


Last Updated: 11/3/22