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Name Pronunciation Tool Guide

Student Guide

To create a name pronunciation recording, log in to DartHub and select the Chosen Name tile. If you have previously recorded your name, a speaker icon appears to the left of your name. Select the speaker icon to hear the recording of your name. If you have not created a recording, no speaker icon appears.

 Click on the microphone to record the pronunciation of your name

  • Click on the microphone icon to record the pronunciation of your name. Clicking the microphone opens the recorder interface.

Allow microphone permission in browser

  • Select “allow” when a dialog box asks for permission to use a microphone connected to your device.
  • Select the record button to record the pronunciation of your chosen or legal name. Recording is limited to five seconds.
  • When you are finished recording, click stop. The tool stops recording after five seconds. Click play to listen to your recording, click save to save your recording, or the record button to re-record.

 Chosen name screen


You may record both Legal Name and Chosen Name if you have entered a Chosen Name. The recordings follow the same display rules as Chosen Name, as described on the Chosen Name website. If you make changes to your Chosen Name, you may wish to record the new name so the recording matches the new name.


Faculty Guide

A speaker icon appears in various locations if a student has created a recording of their name. Look for and select the speaker icon to hear a student pronounce their name.

Locations where faculty may access chosen or legal name pronunciations:

  • Pre-major advising Banner form

 Pre major advising Banner form


  • Names and Faces application

 Names and Faces flashcard tool

  • Canvas Course Photo Roster

 Canvas Course photo roster

  • Banner Course Roster

Canvas Course photo roster

Last Updated: 9/2/20