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D-Plan App Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

D-Plan Petition Definitions

Enrollment Pattern

You may request changes to your Dartmouth D-Plan (enrollment pattern) using the D-Plan app in DartHub. If the requested change requires an exception to D-Plan policy, the application will direct you to submit a petition and guide you through the process.

The D-Plan app (shown below) allows you to view and request changes to your D-Plan (enrollment pattern). The rules enforced in this application are based on the College’s D-Plan policy, as laid out in the ORC/Catalog. A typical D-Plan includes 12 "On-Terms," shown in green and 3 "Off-Terms" in blue. An "On-Term" is any term you are enrolled in Dartmouth courses which includes terms in Residence "R," terms in an Off-Campus Program "O," or terms in an Exchange Program "X." Alternatively, “Off-Terms” are terms you are not enrolled at Dartmouth which include leave terms "L" and transfer terms "T."

Submit Petition

Submit a D-Plan Change

You may click on any future term to toggle between "On" and "Off" terms. Red warning text appears below the D-Plan if the changes made require you to petition for an exception to D-Plan policy. You may then click on the "view rule" link in the warning message to open the sidebar which contains detailed information regarding D-plan policy and a link to begin the petition process. If the proposed D-Plan does not require any exception to policy you may simply select "Save" to submit your D-Plan.

D-Plan app Legend

The sidebar on the left contains useful resources to help you build your D-Plan:

  • Rules: This tab lists the relevant D-Plan policies that your D-Plan must follow. If the rule is petitionable, a green button labeled “Petition this Requirement” is displayed, which then directs you to the D-Plan petition section of the application where you can submit your rationale for an exception.
  • Resources: The resources tab contains links to the Undergraduate Dean’s Office, ORC/Catalog, and other relevant resources to review when considering changing your D-Plan.
  • Legend: The legend tab explains the meaning of the colors and symbols in the D-Plan application.
  • VISA Info (international students only): This tab provides guidelines for international students to adjust your D-Plans in accordance with VISA requirements.

Submit a D-Plan Petition

The D-Plan app allows you to submit a petition when your desired D-Plan requires an exception to D-Plan policy.

Review your Proposed D-Plan

This page provides an opportunity for you to compare your current D-Plan with the D-Plan you are proposing. This is also an opportunity to make any additional adjustments to your proposed D-plan, such as adding an additional term.

Review D-Plan

Summary of Proposed D-Plan Changes

This section summarizes the changes to your D-Plan you are requesting along with your class year.

D-Plan Changes Summary

Required Petitions

This section displays the exception(s) to D-plan policy you are requesting in your proposed D-Plan.

Required Petitions

Rationale for your Proposed D-Plan

In this section, upload your typed academic rationale detailing the circumstances by which you are requesting an exception to the D-plan policy. Make sure to review the specific petitions required above and consult the D-Plan Petition Definitions when writing your rationale.

Upload Rationale

Letter of Support

In this section, upload letter(s) of support from the appropriate professional supporting your request for an exception to the D-plan policy. The Registrar’s office highly encourages you to submit a letter of support with your D-Plan petition request.

Upload Letter of Support

DartWorks Degree Audit and Declared Major/Minor Plans

This section displays links to your DartWorks Degree Audit and your declared major plan(s). Review both your DartWorks Degree Audit and your declared major(s). Make any necessary updates to your major plan to align with your proposed D-Plan petition request. If your approved major/minor plan(s) do not match your proposed D-Plan, your petition will be returned. This may delay the review of your petition by several weeks.

DartWorks and Declared Major

Submit Petition Request for Review

Click the "Submit Petition Request" button to submit your proposed D-Plan petition.

Submit for Review

Note: You may click the "Save and view Dashboard" button to keep your proposed D-Plan petition request until you are ready to submit it.

Action History

This section displays the history of all actions taken on your D-Plan petition.

Action History

Petition Request Management Dashboard

You may view the status of your submitted D-Plan petition as well as all previously submitted D-Plan petition requests by clicking the "Petition Request" tab.

Petition Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m a transfer student and would like to change my enrollment pattern?

If you’re a transfer student attempting to make changes to your enrollment pattern your D-Plan app will display a "Petition to update this D-Plan" button beneath your current enrollment pattern. By selecting this you’ll be brought directly to the petition page.


What if I’m unable to make changes to my D-Plan because I don't have remaining terms on my D-Plan?

If you don't have any remaining terms to change in your D-Plan and the D-Plan app is not allowing you to make changes, your D-Plan app will display a "Petition to update this D-Plan" button beneath your current enrollment pattern. Selecting that button will allow you to change your plan, such as adding an extra term, and then fill out the online petition form.


Last Updated: 10/20/23