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Department/Program Reporting Dashboard Guide


The Department/Program Reporting Dashboard contains a set of reports that departments/programs use to confirm their current or past enrollments, current majors, minors, and modifiers, major grades, class year graduation term information and more. Departments/programs can run these reports at their convenience. The reports focus on questions that the Registrar's Office is most commonly asked by departments/programs.

Sample Reports

(Click images to enlarge) 

UGR_100 UGR_200
UGR100 - Timetable Editor Reports UGR200 - Department/Program Summary Data
UGR_201 UGR_210
UGR201 - HS Test Score Report UGR210 - Major Reports - Current
UGR_211 UGR_212
UGR211 - Minor Reports - Current UGR212 - Historical Majors Report
UG_R213 UGR_221
UGR213 - Historical Minors Report
UGR221 - Active Course Report
UGR_222 UGR_230
UGR222 - Point Number Course Report
UGR230 - Enrollment Reporting
UGR_231 UGR_240t
UGR231 - Course Roster
UGR240 - Class History/Non-Transcript
UGR250 - External Review Data



How do I get to the Department/Program reporting dashboard?

In a web browser, open, and select the first link, "IRA Dashboards and Reports." If log in is required, log in with your full NetID (e.g. D12345) and password. This takes you to the main IRA page. Under "Dashboards," open the "UGReg – Department Program Reports". Data in these reports defaults to the department/program of which you are a member. To view data for another department/program, we recommend that you work directly with that department/program Chair. For questions about the reports, email with a subject line that includes the phrase "Department/Program Reporting Dashboard".


What reports are included?                     

The main dashboard page provides a view of your current count of majors, modifiers, and minors It also includes a current term course list with enrollments. Additionally, links are provided to other reports:

  • Report #UGR100 - Timetable Editor Reports
  • Report #UGR200 – Department/Program Summary Data
  • Report #UGR201 – HS Test Score Report
  • Report #UGR210 - Major Reports - Current
  • Report #UGR211 - Minor Reports - Current
  • Report #UGR212 - Historical Majors Report
  • Report #UGR213 - Historical Minors Report
  • Report #UGR221 - Active Course Report
  • Report #UGR222 - Point Number Course Report
  • Report #UGR230 - Enrollment Reporting
  • Report #UGR231 - Course Roster
  • Report #UGR240 - Class History/Non-Transcript
  • Report #UGR242 - Projected Enrollments for Majors and Minors by Term Based on Declared Major/Minor Plans
  • Report #UGR243 - Declared Plans by Student
  • Report #UGR244 - Students with Multiple Planned Major Courses in a Term
  • Report #UGR250 - External Review Data
  • Report #UGR251 - Missing Grades - All Students
  • Report #UGR252 - Missing Grades - Seniors Only
  • Report #UGR253 - Missing Grades - Off Campus Programs Only
  • Report #UGR254 - Missing Grades - Individualized Study Courses Only


How can I see my current department/program's majors, modifiers, and minors?

To view current majors and modifiers, click the link on the left titled "Major Reports – Current", or click on the “Majors – Current” tab.

To view current minors, click on the link on the left titles "Minor Reports – Current", or click on the “Minors – Current” tab.


What information is in the current major/minor reports?

The current major and minor reports provide a summary of your current majors, along with two different list views:

  • Students in Major Detail List – this list provides detailed information about the student, including major, minor, and modifier, current and next term D-plans, contact information, class year, and …
  • Contact List – this list provides the student's name, DND email address, and Hinman box number.


How can I see majors’ grades in my department/program , and graduation term?

The Class History/Non-Transcript report/tab will provide data on either a single student, a set of students, or the entire set of your department's/program's majors. The information included is a listing of all courses and grades, sorted by subject code and term, along with counts by subject of courses taken.


How can I see my department/program's enrollments?

Open the "Enrollments" tab to see your department/program's enrollments by year, term, subject, course number, or instructor. If your department/program contains multiple subject codes, you may include/exclude those as needed. A current term enrollment summary is presented on the Department/Program Reporting main dashboard.


How can I see what courses were taught in my department/program over time?

On the Enrollments tab, enter the set of terms, or set of academic years you wish to view and click "apply."


Can I print these reports?

Yes. Use the "Print" command under each report to print them individually – that command allows you to print the report as a PDF or in HTML format. Non-transcripts print with a single student's record per page.


Can I export these reports?

Yes. All reports are exportable to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, or a selection of data formats. Use the "Export" command located under each report.


How do I get assistance or provide feedback?

Email Include Department/Program Reporting Dashboard in the subject line for easy identification.

Last Updated: 7/25/18