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FAQ - Faculty Report


Why do I do not see any data for a course?
It may be one of the following:
a.  Not all of the required prompts were selected (e.g. term, section, etc.).
b.  You did not hit “Go” after all the prompts were selected.
c.  You do not have permission to access the course.
d.  There were less than five students enrolled in the course that term. (To protect students’ anonymity, course reports are not viewable for courses with fewer than five students.)
Why do I not see any charts?
a.  Some Internet browsers are not supported such as IE 8 or an earlier version or Firefox 17 (the latest).
b.  Java and Flash are used by Course Assessment. Browsers generally keep them up to date and you shouldn’t have to update them manually however occasionally they get out of sync and you may need to update your Java and/or Flash.
When I get to IRA I see “Empty Dashboard” but no course assessment link. How do I get to my reports?
Click on the white "course assessment link" in the blue panel at the top of the page and a menu will appear. If you have access to other data warehouse dashboards, the course assessment link can be found when selecting “dashboards” in the blue panel.
Is my course data included in the aggregate data for comparison reports?
No, your course data is not included. Therefore when you make comparisons with the department, division, or college the reports do not include your course's data.
When a course is co-taught is the "faculty mean" calculated for the course, or is it calculated for each instructor?
It is calculated for each instructor. If you are viewing a report using department level access or above there will be a drop down list of all the instructors who taught that course. You can toggle between them and see the results for each individual.
When can I see the current term’s data?
After all final grades have been submitted and medians have been calculated, faculty will have access to the current term. An announcement will be sent when the current term data is available. The schedule for each term is on the Registrar's website.
Can I access course assessment from home?
Yes, if you cannot access Banner you can follow this link directly:
 ii.      select the IRA Dashboards and Reports link
I need support, who can assist me?
You can email the Registrar’s Office at



Last Updated: 2/11/19