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Course Assessment Student View - Faculty Opt In/Out Guide

All faculty members who wish to share their course assessment results with students may “opt in.” (The default is "opt out to start.) Each spring, there is a designated period to change your status for the upcoming academic year, which begins summer term.

When you choose to “opt in,” you also select a start term. Students will have access to course assessment results for all of the courses you have taught since that start term.

This guide will lead you through the steps to "opt in" to share your course assessment results with students.

Step 1: Log in to BannerStudent Faculty and Advisor Main Menu using your Dartmouth Net ID and Password. Then, click on the "Course Assessment Faculty Opt In/Out" link.

Faculty Opt-in/out

Step 2: By default, all faculty members are indicated as “Opt Out” for student viewing. Select the "Opt In" radio button, choose the start term for your evaluations to show and click the "Submit" button.

Faculty Opt-in

Note: A message will appear  to indicate that your course assessment student view status and the start term you chose has been set. In addition, you will receive an e-mail confirmation confirming your selection.

Faculty opt-in message

Last Updated: 8/11/15