About Us

What We Do

Records management is responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposal of records. It includes processes for capturing and maintaining records as evidence of and information about business activities and transactions to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines as well as with industry standards. 

Our Mission

To ensure all recorded information is managed efficiently and effectively across the College in a systematic manner to meet administrative needs, satisfy legal and privacy requirements, optimize the use of space, minimize the cost of record retention, preserve records of historical significance, and destroy records that are obsolete with no administrative or historical value. To achieve this,

The Dartmouth Board of Trustees charges the Dean of Libraries or their designee [Records Management]…to be responsible for the:

▫classification of records with regards to retention;
▫establishment and approval of records retention schedules;
▫establishment or designation of locations and methods for the proper storage of records;
▫establishment of an Archives for the retention of records of historical value;
▫creation of appropriate procedures for record access, archiving and/or destruction; and
▫such other actions as shall be necessary to fulfill this policy.

Who We Are

Vi Welker, MLIS
Records Analyst
Diane Preston
Records Center Supervisor


Where We Are Located

The Records Management staff is split between two locations:

On Campus: Berry Library, 3rd Floor

Off Campus: 56 Etna Rd, Suite 105, Lebanon NH 03766