Records Management


Records Management Change of Service

Due to a staffing crunch we will be reducing our delivery schedule to Monday, Wednesday, Friday until further notice. This means: Records requested on Friday will still arrive on Monday. Records requested on Monday will arrive on Wednesday. Records that are requested on Wednesday will arrive on Friday.

In the event that you have an urgent need for records to be delivered on an off-day (Tuesday or Thursday), we will do our best to accommodate such requests.

NOTICE: To those inquiring about email transfer or extension of access:

Email is a communication resource provided by the College to assist in the performance of College business. No College records are to be removed from College computers, servers or other devices without the express permission of the College Archivist and Records Manager. Therefore, it is the employee’s responsibility to separate personal emails from work-related emails prior to departing the College. 

For assistance in determining if you have records of continuing value to the College that need to managed after you depart, please contact Records Management.


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