Records Management


Records Management Change of Service

1. Beginning Tuesday 9/8 we will resume pickup and delivery services to all locations.

Pickup and delivery will be on an as needed basis and will require 24 hours' notice. Please be mindful to group requests together as we will not be doing pickup and delivery on a daily basis and items returned to the Records Center will need to be quarantined for 72 hours before they can be handled by staff.

2. Please note that requests for delivery must be submitted by 3PM to be delivered within 1 business day.

Requests submitted after 3PM will be delivered within 2 business days. Requests submitted before 3PM on Friday will be delivered by 3PM on Monday. Requests submitted after 3PM on Friday will be delivered by 3PM on Tuesday.

NOTICE: To those inquiring about email transfer or extension of access:

Email is a communication resource provided by the College to assist in the performance of College business. No College records are to be removed from College computers, servers or other devices without the express permission of the College Archivist and Records Manager. Therefore, it is the employee’s responsibility to separate personal emails from work-related emails prior to departing the College. 

For assistance in determining if you have records of continuing value to the College that need to managed after you depart, please contact Records Management.


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