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From Ivy League to the Civil War: Black Civil War Surgeons, a Friends of the Dartmouth College Library presentation by Jill L. Newmark  on her book, Without Concealment, Without Compromise: The Courageous Lives of Black Civil War Surgeons, featuring two Black physicians who graduated from Dartmouth Medical School. October 26, 2023.

She Had the Misfortune of Being a Woman, a Friends of the Dartmouth College Library presentation featuring Caroline Cook ’21, the Library’s inaugural Historical Accountability Student Research Fellow, on her new book, Tell Them to be Quiet and Wait, the story of Dartmouth’s first tenured female professor. November 10, 2022. 

Book Arts: It's a Thing, a Stephen Harvard Memorial Lecture presentation by Matt Liddle ’83 (Book Artist & Professor, Western Carolina University), Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

Shakespeare's Secret Source: Discovering the Knight Behind the Bard, a presentation featuring investigative journalist Michael Blanding, author of North by Shakespeare: A Rogue Scholar’s Quest for the Truth Behind the Bard’s Work, with the rogue scholar himself, Dennis McCarthy. May 5, 2022.

Presentations on SpeakOut, an oral history project that documents the history of Dartmouth’s LGBTQIA+ community and the Historical Accountability Student Research Fellowship, which seeks to shine light on issues of diversity and inclusion from Dartmouth’s past. October 10, 2019

Daniel Kelm and Poetic Science: A Life in Science and Art, Public Talk & Reception
Daniel E. Kelm is a book artist who enjoys expanding the concept of the book. He is known for his innovative structures as well as his traditional work. His expression as an artist emerges from the integration of work in science and the arts. Thursday, October 4, 2018

Arts of the Book and Book Artists in Mexico: A Panoramic View, a lecture by Clemente Orozco ’85, October 18, 2017.

Civil War Object Lessons: Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War as Relic, Monument, and Narrative
A half-day symposium to celebrate Rauner Special Collections Library's acquisition of the 1866 edition of Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War, the most powerful and most well-known collection of photographs from the Civil War. September 25, 2017

Men in Dresses, Athletic Heroism, and Aesthetic Presentation: Performance in the Dartmouth Narrative, a presentation by Kendall Christensen ’19. Ms. Christensen was introduced by Richard Sheaff ’66, Vice President, Ephemera Society of America. Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Printing Down Under: Otago Printers-in-Residence, a talk by Dr. Donald Kerr, Special Collections Librarian at the University of Otago Library, Dunedin, New Zealand; and Sarah M. Smith, Program Manager, Book Arts Workshop, Dartmouth College.  Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Presentation in conjunction with the exhibition, Printing Down Under: A Matariki Exchange, Baker Library Main Hall.

Conference Indigenous Archives in the Digital Age, a symposium celebrating The Occom Circle. September 9-10, 2016. Details at: sites.dartmouth.edu/indigenousarchives-conference/

Michael Blanding,The Map Thief: The Gripping Story of an Esteemed Rare-Map Dealer Who Made Millions Stealing Priceless Maps, February 4, 2016.  

Conference Dalí, Lorca, Buñuel in America. The Dr. Allen W. Root Contemporary Art Distinguished Lecture: “Travelling Between the Avantgarde and Mass Culture: The American Journeys of Dalí, Lorca and Buñuel”, presented by Antonio Monegal,Professor of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona. October 15, 2015.

“Catalyzing Community: A Humanities Symposium on Digital Learning & Engagement”, October 16, 2015.

Louise Hamlin, "25 Years of the Book Arts Workshop and More to Come" April 10, 2015. Coinciding exhibition, The World Revealed: The Book Arts Workshop at 25 Years.

A Stephen Harvard Memorial Lecture "Alvin Eisenman and Post-WWII Graphic Design" presented by Douglass G.A. Scott, January 6, 2015. Corresponding exhibit, The Design Work of Alvin Eisenman, Dartmouth Class of 1943.

Laura Braunstein and Jay Satterfield, Strange Bedfellows: Robert Frost and Ezra Pound, October 16th, 2014. Exhibit in Rauner Library, Corresponding Friendships: Robert's Frost's Letters.

Matt Dunne, Head of Community Affairs at Google, Google and Learning in the Digital Age, October 22, 2013.

Blake Bailey, Farther and Wilder: The Lost Weekends and Literary Dreams of Charles Jackson, October 28, 2013.

A Stephen Harvard Memorial Lecture by David R. Godine, '66, A Printer's Work: Rocky Stinehour and His Legacy, April 11, 2013.

Dartmouth College President Emeritus James Wright, Forever New: The Speeches of James Wright, Book Release Event, November 19, 2012.

David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, From the Records of the Continental Congress to Today's White House Tweets: The Role of the National Archives, May 14, 2012.

Robert Darnton, Carl H. Pforzheimer, The Digital Public Library of America and the Digital FutureFebruary 27, 2012.

Stephen G. Nichols, James M. Beall, Dartmouth's Rose UndyingNovember 17, 2011.

Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina, Kathe Vernon Tappe, One Hundred Years of The Secret Garden, July 29-30, 2011.

Jeff Altepeter, Richard Baker, Alex Halasz, Stephanie Wolff, Bound for Glory: The Hand-made Book as Aesthetic Object and Conceptual Process, March 2011.

Gina Barreca '79, Enduring Winter Carnival:  Babes in Snowland, February 2011.

Jackie Calder, A Dartmouth Librarian's Avocation:  Harold Rugg's Collecting, November 2010.

Gregory Maguier, Playing with Matches, October 2010.

Falk Eisermann, Medium of the Masses? On Press Runs and Audiences of Fifteenth-Century Broadsides, April 2010.

Matthew Carter, Lance Hidy, and Sumner Stone, Typography in the Digital Age Looking Back and Looking Forward, October 2009

David Macaulay, Building Books: The Art of David Macaulay, May 2009

Heidi Ardizzone, "Just because I am a librarian...doesn't mean I have to dress like one!"  Race and Identity in the Career of Belle da Costa Greene, Librarian of the Morgan Library & Museum, November 2008

Nancy Canepa, Richard Gottlieb and Patti Houghton, Morton E. Wise Collection of Maurice Sendak, May 2008

Joy Kenseth, Collectors and Collecting, September 2007

Richard Zauft, Letterpress Printed Work from the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, February 2007

David H. Stam and Deirdre C. Stam, Books on Ice: Hot Books from Cool Climes, October 2006

A Stephen Harvard Memorial Lecture, Dean Bornstein, Intelligent Design: The Perpetua Press, , 2006

Claire Van Vliet, Beauty in Use: 50 Years of the Janus Press, November 2005. Co-sponsored with The Book Arts Workshop

William W. Cook, A Barbaric Yawp among the Cooing of Doves: The 1885 Edition of Leaves of Grass, October 2005

Richard Lucier, Librarian of the College, Continuity-Dynamic Innovation-The Courage to be New, April 2001

Julie Wallin Kaewert '81, mystery novelist, A Bibliomystery Writer Views Her Craft, April 2000