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'Hoppy' on His Early Dartmouth Years cover Hoppy' on His Early Dartmouth Years: Some informal reminiscences of Ernest Martin Hopkins

Tape-recorded and edited by Edward Connery Lathem

Originally published by the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 1966; this version published 1967

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About the Book

President of Dartmouth College from 1916 to 1945, Ernest Hopkins discusses the path that led him to the presidency of the College, from his early education at Worcester Academy to his acceptance of the Presidency.


About the Electronic Publication

This electronic publication of 'Hoppy' on His Early Dartmouth Years was made possible with the permission of the author. The University Press of New England created EPUB and PDF files from a scanned copy of the book.


Rights Information

Published with permission of Dartmouth College Library.

Dartmouth College Library assigns a Creative Commons BY-NC license to the digital work and associated web site.

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Bibliographic Information

Published by Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, 1967. 32 pages.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1349/ddlp.1448
Print edition: LD1436 1916 .A3


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