The College on the Hill cover The College on the Hill: A Dartmouth Chronicle

Ralph Nading Hill

Dartmouth Publications, 1964
Copyright © 1964 Trustees of Dartmouth College

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About the Book

A chronicle of Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, edited by the Vermont writer and preservationist Ralph Nading Hill. Contributors include William Andres, John Sloan Dickey, Ralph Nading Hill, Stearns Morse and Ernest Roberts.


About the Author

RALPH NADING HILL's books include The Winooski, Heartway of Vermont (1949) which viewed Vermont through the lens of the river known to the Algonquians as "The Onion River" and Sidewheeler Saga, a book about the steamboat Ticonderoga, the last sidewheel steamer on Lake Champlain. Hill worked on the boat, which traveled between Vermont and New York across Lake Champlain, for three years.


About the Electronic Publication

This electronic publication of The College on the Hill was made possible with the permission of the author.


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Published with permission of Ralph Nading Hill.

Dartmouth College Library assigns a Creative Commons BY-NC license to the digital work and associated web site.

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Published by Dartmouth College Publications, Hanover, NH, 1964, 357 pages.
Print edition: LD1438 .H58


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