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Letter from Robert Huke, Dartmouth College, to Robert Oppenheimer, Princeton University, 23 February 1959

oppenheimer letter, 1958February 23, 1959

Dear Dr. Oppenheimer:

I thought you might be interested in seeing the cards that we have prepared as publicity for your lecture. These are mailed out to non college people in the area and are circulated to everyone associated with Dartmouth. As you see the public is invited and no admission is charged. The hall in which you will be speaking seats 1308 people. We apologize for the small size but it is the best we have available on campus.

May I urge you to have your wife accompany you to Hanover. I feel certain that she would enjoy the north country and would find Hanover a very interesting place.

Sincerely yours,
Robert E. Huke,
Dartmouth College Lecture Series

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Text and image reproduced here with permission from the papers of J. Robert Oppenheimer, held in the manuscript division of the Library of Congress.